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We, at Thriving on Purpose, can teach you how to go from surviving to thriving. Why? Because we’ve been though that process. We’ve been strugglers. We know what it is to suffer loss, to have an aching marriage, to be confused about our identity, to be broke and/or broken, and to misunderstand God’ plan for our lives. And guess what? We’re here to help. Whether it means growing yourself, your Church, or your organization, we’ve got you covered with World-Class leadership trainings, keynotes, Sermons, seminars, masterminds, or one on one coaching. As certified John Maxwell Team members, Sebastien and Elisabeth Richard have access to all of the John Maxwell training curriculum to enable you, your church or your organization rise to the next level.


Workshops/ Masterminds:

The John C. Maxwell curriculum is world-class and has been used successfully to transform the face of:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Political Parties
  • Major corporations
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Group Coaching
  • Performance Based Seminars
  • Schoolboards and non-profit organizations
  • Churches

Every organization has specific needs in order to face new challenges or to grow and expand. The workshops and training curriculums offered by Thriving on Purpose are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of today’s most rigorous challenges faced in the corporate world.


NO-FLUFF Coaching:

What do we mean by no-fluff coaching? Well, We simply do not adhere or endorse buzzwords such as:

Manifesting … instead: praying for and obtaining favor from God

Universe … instead: God. Period. It’s so much simpler and personal. Besides, I don’t think the Universe, being impersonal, cares anyway. It’s too busy being a vast expanse and recovering from the Big Bang (not that we believe there was one).

Vibration … instead: We prefer no vibration… stability is always best to build a solid foundation in anything.

Energy … instead: commitment and perseverance. Of course, this requires energy, but not the same kind. It’s actually the most potent kind.

Mantra … instead: Good ol’ fashion prayer, just like The Good Lord taught us. Besides, mantra sound like an evil robot-insect from another planet.

Holistic … instead: Holy, which means set apart by God for a special purpose, which, as a believer, you are!

Meditation … instead: At T.O.P. we encourage good old-fashioned thinking and introspection. In a world of meditators, be the exception: think. Thinking will enable you to get a head, er, ahead.


There is a slew of other coaches who would be happy to ‘enlighten’ you in the way of ‘manifesting’ your greatness through the ‘Law of Attraction’. So, if that’s what you’re about, you’re in the wrong place. We, at T.O.P., are a winning combination of ‘Old School’ principles mixed with relevant, pertinent, and modern day applications for life and business.


Keynote/ Speaking:

Thriving on Purpose also offers the unique and dynamic content of Sebastien Richards’ books to be presented to you as either a keynote address of as a workshop:

  • Thriving on Purpose – 8 Stepping Stones to a Successful and Fulfilled Life
  • Lead Like a Superhero – What Pop Culture Icons Can Teach Us About Impactful Leadership

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