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Welcome to Thriving on Purpose!

Sebastien and Elisabeth Richard here. We are so glad you stopped by!

We are faith-based entrepreneurs, and certified christian coaches.

Our mission is to show Christian Entrepreneurs how to build a strong foundation of Faith, Growth and Skill to Lead in Life and Business.

So, dear fellow believer, entrepreneur, and legacy builder...

Make sure you join us on our weekly Thriving on Purpose Podcast where you'll be getting: life-altering, faith-strengthening, leadership-developing, and business-building teachings, content and tips which will enable you to grow yourself and your business - while honoring God in the process.


May God richly bless you!


Elisabeth & Sebastien

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Our Prayer For You


Dear fellow Believer, Entrepreneur, and Legacy Builder,

Our hope at Thriving on Purpose, and our fervent prayer for YOU through our business, podcast, and blog is this one:


That you be encouraged, to venture out of your comfort zone.

That He may give you clarity of purpose to maintain your vision. 

That He may give you wisdom in your decisions.

That He may give you perseverance to overcome.

That He may give you patience, with your circumstances, yourself, and with others.

That He may give you courage, to do what you must, as often as you must, in any way you must.

That He give you understanding in your dealings with people.

That He give you a heart who values others, and help you remember at all times that kindness is the currency which yields the greatest return on investment (ROI).

That He give you a thankful heart to remain positive no matter what.

That He may give you His hand, every step of the way.


We Are Certified Through:

W.O.L. Bible Institute Graduate



♦ Develop a winning mindset, discipline, and attitude.


♦ Think, work, and feel like an Entrepreneur.


♦ Keep the key players on your team... even through tough times.


♦ Attract strong people, leaders, and team members to your vision, business, or organization.


♦ Retain your customer's loyalty forever.


♦ Work Hard, Play hard, and Win BIG!


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