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Blog Posts

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write That Book

By Sebastien Richard

We have all kinds of online pseudo-gurus saying you NEED to write a book to build your business. And with that fad, we have all kinds of books in the marketplace that maybe should never have found themselves there. On the other hand, writing a book has been proven to be an incredible business leveler and credibility builder. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will position you more as an expert than a well presented, thought-out, and well written book.

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He Kissed Marriage and Christianity Goodbye: Joshua Harris

By Sebastien Richard

Recently the internet exploded with the much publicized announcement that pastor and popular author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris, has walked away from Christianity and his 21 year marriage.

When his book came out in 1997 – it rocked my world. I was just 23 years old at the time, and actively on the market looking for my future bride. Now, let me clarify here. The book didn’t rock my world because I read it and its content resonated with me. No. Not at all.

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Can You Spot the Intangible Leaders in Your Organization?

By Sebastien Richard

Did you know there are leaders on your team that are diamonds in the rough?

They don’t bring those coveted results and yet, there is just something about them that makes you appreciate them and want to keep them around – you just can’t pinpoint their contribution accurately though.

Intangibles leaders are those who bring value to your team but whose potential is obviously not reached.

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How Are You Smart? The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

By Sebastien Richard

Howard Gardner revolutionized the field of Quantitative Intelligence (I.Q.) when his theory (and book) was released in 1983.

According to Gardner, “While we may continue to use the words smart and stupid, and while IQ tests may persist for certain purposes, the monopoly of those who believe in a single general intelligence has come to an end. Brain scientists and geneticists are documenting the incredible differentiation of human capacities, computer programmers are creating systems that are intelligent in different ways, and educators are freshly acknowledging that their students have distinctive strengths and weaknesses.” 

And with this premise, Gardner brought so much insight to the study of how we learn, how much, and why, that academic institutions found themselves at a crossroads of where we need to go from here with teaching curriculums.

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Got Purpose?

By Sebastien Richard

By popular demand, this blog is about how to find your purpose, your calling, your life’s mission, your God-given assignment, your ONE BIG THING. Many, many entrepreneurs, even many of whom are very successful often ask this question…

How do I find my purpose?

Sometimes, it shocks me. Why? Because the question may come from those who seem to have it all together. I don’t usually hear this question from the aimless and jobless, but rather from those who are already very successful in one lane or another.

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No One is a Prophet in their Own Land

By Sebastien Richard

Maybe you told your friends and family what business you were going to start and their faces dropped, or their eyes bugged out of their head. Or perhaps they had a weird unfamiliar smile, or just nodded while their faces screamed ‘disbelief’. If so, you’re in good company. Many famous people had to deal with this kind of reaction from loved ones.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy!

By Sebastien Richard

A few years back, my next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman. We would sometimes take the time to chit-chat. Every time we finished talking, he would always exhort me by saying: “Be good.” That was his way of saying ‘see ya later.’ There was much value in these two words. Today, in this article, I’d like to address the differences between being nice, and being good. And trust me, the difference is huge!

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Joseph: How to Handle God’s Demotions

By Sebastien Richard

Through examining the life of Joseph, I want to encourage you by showing you that God’s demotions serve a higher purpose for us. His demotions are for a season of testing and equipping. His demotions are his way of pulling us back on a sling to launch us in the right direction. As believers, we are not always called to go up, sometimes God brings us down… on purpose.

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Do Believers Need Personal Growth?

By Sebastien Richard

Personal and Spiritual growth are two sides of one coin. They complement each other in ways that most believers ignore. Personal growth feeds the Human Being part of you, and spiritual growth feeds the Spiritual Being part of you.

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Why Men Hate Going to Church

By Sebastien Richard

Why do men hate going to church? When David Murrow wrote his book (Why Men Hate Going to Church) back in 1994, it made some big waves – and still does today. Why? Because he dared to address a BIG problem with the way we do church. And this way is causing a testosterone exodus from our faith communities. In this blog post, we look at the major church turn-offs for men… and how they can be remedied.

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Christians and The New Age Deception

By Sebastien Richard

Why is the New Age so prevalent and popular in our culture? Why are even Christians falling for it? And why is it embraced mostly by women? Women tend to flock to New Age beliefs because it makes them feel empowered in our post-modern culture, does away with a patriarchal system they detest, does away with God as a Father figure, does away with everything that they find distasteful with Christianity, which incidentally in most cases is the Faith of their ancestors. In short, the New Age is very in tune with post-modern feminism.

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How the Mighty Fall

By Sebastien Richard

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Leadership isn’t for cowards. Those who pursue leadership are putting themselves in a position where:   They will be criticized They will have a target on their back They will be scrutinized They will have more responsibility than they can handle Their failures will most likely…

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The 5 Levels from Survival to Significance

By Sebastien Richard

Are you aiming for Significance? When I took the decision I was going to build a successful life and business a few years back; I had great enthusiasm. I was on fire! I was highly motivated. I took risks. Failure was not an option. I knew I was going to change the world. It was…

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4 Types of People in The World

By Sebastien Richard

There is a very powerful scene in the beginning of the movie American Sniper, where Chris Kyles’ father (Wayne Kyle) instructs his sons at the diner table one evening. His little speech went like this:   “There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Some people prefer to believe that…

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Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Fellow Entrepreneurs’ Success

By Sebastien Richard

Are you Envious? Somebody once said that when you talk to God, it’s called prayer, but that when you hear Him answer back… that’s insanity.   Well, I’ve been a believer in the Most High for over three decades now, and by that standard, I guess that would make me insane. In fact, He spoke…

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May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, And fulfill all your [a]purpose. (5)

Our Prayer For You ...

Dear fellow Believer, Entrepreneur, and Legacy Builder,

Our hope at Thriving on Purpose, and our fervent prayer for YOU through our business, podcast, and blog is this one:

That you be encouraged, to venture out of your comfort zone.

That He may give you clarity of purpose to maintain your vision. 

That He may give you wisdom in your decisions.

That He may give you perseverance to overcome.

That He may give you patience, with your circumstances, yourself, and with others.

That He may give you courage, to do what you must, as often as you must, in any way you must.

That He give you understanding in your dealings with people.

That He give you a heart who values others, and help you remember at all times that kindness is the currency which yields the greatest return on investment (ROI).

That He give you a thankful heart to remain positive no matter what.

That He may give you His hand, every step of the way.




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