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Have You Thrown Away Your Birthright to Become a Servant?

You’ve probably heard the prodigal son’s story many times since you were in Sunday school. Most of the time we are told how it relates to our rebellion, repentance, and forgiveness by our heavenly Father. But is that all we can learn from this timeless parable? Prepare to be shocked as you learn just how much of this story we have neglected.

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He Kissed Marriage and Christianity Goodbye: Joshua Harris

Recently the internet exploded with the much publicized announcement that pastor and popular author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris, has walked away from Christianity and his 21 year marriage.

When his book came out in 1997 – it rocked my world. I was just 23 years old at the time, and actively on the market looking for my future bride. Now, let me clarify here. The book didn’t rock my world because I read it and its content resonated with me. No. Not at all.

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Can You Spot the Intangible Leaders in Your Organization?

Did you know there are leaders on your team that are diamonds in the rough?

They don’t bring those coveted results and yet, there is just something about them that makes you appreciate them and want to keep them around – you just can’t pinpoint their contribution accurately though.

Intangibles leaders are those who bring value to your team but whose potential is obviously not reached.

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How Are You Smart? The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner revolutionized the field of Quantitative Intelligence (I.Q.) when his theory (and book) was released in 1983.

According to Gardner, “While we may continue to use the words smart and stupid, and while IQ tests may persist for certain purposes, the monopoly of those who believe in a single general intelligence has come to an end. Brain scientists and geneticists are documenting the incredible differentiation of human capacities, computer programmers are creating systems that are intelligent in different ways, and educators are freshly acknowledging that their students have distinctive strengths and weaknesses.” 

And with this premise, Gardner brought so much insight to the study of how we learn, how much, and why, that academic institutions found themselves at a crossroads of where we need to go from here with teaching curriculums.

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Don’t Go Back to Egypt! (Comfort Zones)


When our dream or calling becomes very difficult, we look back to our old comfort zones, our Egypt; and we may even miss some of its comforts while forgetting the CRACK of its WHIPS and the SWEAT dripping down our brow.

In this episode, we’ll look at “6 Things you MUST DO to avoid the TRAP
of going back to your comfort zones.

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