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How to Grow From Zero to Hero


How can we grow from ‘zero to superhero’? What steps do the Clark Kents of this world have to take in order to become the Superman of their own stories? I have found the superhero’s path that can make anyone go from awkward, unsure, and broke to confident, successful, and inspiring. Here are those steps…

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The 6 Toughest Sayings of Jesus


  Did Jesus really say that?   For most of us, it’s hard to associate ‘Jesus’ and ‘Tough’ in the same sentence. Of course he was a Carpenter (physical labor anyone?) who chased the vendors from the Temple with the aid of a whip (yes, really), but in spite of this, we still perceive him…

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Healing The Father Wound


Didn’t Have The Greatest Role-Model Growing Up?   This post is for men who, like me, have been harboring what psychologists commonly call a “Father Wound.”   What is a father wound? Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a Catholic a Catholic psychiatrist who heads the Institute for Marital Healing, described it this way:   “While the term “father…

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I see Dead Books…

fake books

  The book market is changing. Some changes are for the better… some not. As a writer, I can appreciate that some of these changes, pertaining to the self-publishing industry, are advantageous. It has become easier and more affordable than ever to write and publish books nowadays, thanks to platforms like Kindle self-publishing and Create…

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