Why Small Businesses Need Big Leadership


  “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” – John C. Maxwell   I’ve noticed a mindset problem with a lot of small business or home-business entrepreneurs that I’d like to address. It has to do with how their perspective on the importance of leadership in relation to their business. Like the above quote states, EVERYTHING…

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No Guts, No Glory!


  I’m going to start this blog with a breakthrough revelation: Good leadership requires courage. O.K. Maybe I exaggerated. This is probably not a revelation. You probably already knew this. In fact, you probably just went, “Well, Duh!”   And yet, we tend to take the value of courageous leadership for granted, don’t we? I mean, we…

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The Two Paths to Leadership


  “Leadership is a Journey. Each one of us has to take our own path, and get there our own way.” – David Gergen   If you take the time to look around, you will quickly realize that leadership isn’t for everyone. Not only are good leaders a rare breed, but people who are interested in…

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Characteristics of a Leader


You see, leadership is a strange animal. Although leadership experts can agree on what makes for good leadership in the larger sense, the number of characteristics deemed as necessary for it can vary greatly. These are, in my opinion, the main (in a larger sense) characteristics of a good leader.


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