Got Purpose?

By popular demand, this blog is about how to find your purpose, your calling, your life’s mission, your God-given assignment, your ONE BIG THING. Many, many entrepreneurs, even many of whom are very successful often ask this question…

How do I find my purpose?

Sometimes, it shocks me. Why? Because the question may come from those who seem to have it all together. I don’t usually hear this question from the aimless and jobless, but rather from those who are already very successful in one lane or another.

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How to Grow From Zero to Hero


  Back in 1997, I was 23 years old; I had just been dumped by a girl I really liked, I had a 12 hour/week job in an auto parts dealership, and I lived with my single mom. I drove a twelve-year-old grey Buick Skyhawk station wagon. Yes, I was, by all intents and purposes,…

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