10 Telltale signs that you should write that book

Has God put a strong message on your heart? Did He ask you to write the message – to write a book?

In these challenging times, God has ignited many Kingdom citizens with a powerful message. He is asking many, in this very hour, to put pen to paper, er, um, I mean, fingers to keyboard to write a Christian book to impact the body of Christ, and even to change the culture. There is an undeniable Scribe anointing being spread over many in this crucial hour. 

Unfortunately, however, most of these powerful books are never birthed.

The reasons are:

  1. Procrastination. Some know they are called to write, but just don’t see it as a priority. They constantly neglect it and put it on the backburner -- that’s on them.                                                                                                           
  2. Hesitancy. Others are called to write. They know it, but they hesitate. Their hesitancy usually stems from a sense of overwhelm, and maybe even fear.                                                                                                       
  3. Doubt. For others, they’re just not sure they should write a book. They’re not sure if it’s part of their calling. They’d like to be sure writing a book wouldn’t be a waste of time. So, because they’re not sure… they don’t do it. They reason: when in doubt, do without.







So, in this webinar-format teaching, I will answer the very important question: 


Has God Called YOU to Write a Book?


I will give you the 10 telltale signs that you should write that book

The more of these you can identify with, the surer you can be that you should indeed write the book God put on your heart.


1. You love to read. An author who doesn’t like to read is like a chef who doesn’t like to eat, or a musician who doesn’t enjoy listening to music. It doesn’t make much sense. So, if you’re not already a fan of books or reading, you can right from the get-go have some doubts about your calling to write. But don’t give up or stop reading just yet. There are some exceptions…

  • Ghostwriters can be hired
  • Maybe you’re called to write only one book (a one-book wonder)
  • Maybe you are called to grow into it and develop a taste for it (Tony Robbins and John Maxwell hated to write their first books. They have now written many)

2. You’re already writing. Maybe you’ve been journaling for years, or blogging, or collecting inspirational quotes. If you’re already someone who enjoys writing in some form, writing that book isn’t that much of a stretch.

3. You have a strong desire to be an author. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of one day becoming an author. That was the case with me. Dreaming of writing a book is a very strong telltale sign that you should.

4. You love to teach and share ideas. Maybe you’re already a pastor or teacher in some capacity. Maybe teaching, or conveying impactful messages is your passion. A book is a great way to spread our acquired knowledge and share it to more people, albeit in a different format.

5. You enjoy using words to convey meaning. Some people are lovers of words. They love learning new words and surround themselves with dictionaries. They are born wordsmiths and love to read or write poetry and make words sync together.

I once heard a pastor using many rhyming terms in his teaching. He said, “Those who know me know how much I enjoy making words and terms rhyme. These make for such powerful quotes!”

If you’re one of those “quotable” people on social media, maybe you should consider writing a book.

6. God has revealed it to you. If God has shown you in an unequivocal way that He wants you to write a book, you should. It is then no longer a matter of doubt or hesitancy, but of obedience. You might have gotten a deep sense of confirmation, a prophetic word, or other people confirming that you should write a book. Either way, this is definitely a confirmation to write.

7. You are in a season of growth. Sometimes God will ask certain individuals to write a book because that’s the next logical step for them. If the next step in the expansion of their ministry, influence, business, or impact. Because these individuals have been intentional about their growth, they get to a point where they just need to write down their acquired knowledge or wisdom in a book and share it with others.

8. You have an amazing story to share. Everybody has a story. For some, their story can carry a powerful testimony of God’s grace, power, providence, or salvation. Maybe you overcame an overwhelming situation (?). Oftentimes, God will put on your heart to share your story because it could be the key that unlocks someone else’s prison.

9. God has given you a powerful idea. Some God-given ideas or concepts are so strong that we just can’t shake them. The Holy Spirit is so very persistent! When He births an idea inside of you for a book, He doesn’t let up. Or, if He does, it’s because He found someone more willing and obedient than you. Don’t give Him that chance! Get on it today!

10. You’ve already begun writing your book. Maybe you’ve already begun writing your book. Maybe the process is going along nicely. Congratulations!

On the other hand, maybe the process is now halted. Maybe you had a crispy clear concept that was red-hot, but now it’s gotten cold for some reason. However it may be going, don’t ever doubt that you need to keep going. If the Lord brought you to begin, He will bring you to the completion of your book.

So, has God called you to write a book?

Your answer lies in how many of those telltale signs apply to you out of the ten (10) you just read.

Grade yourself. The higher the score, the more likely it is that you should stop procrastinating, get out of your comfort zone, and write that book!

Maybe after seeing this webinar (or reading this blog), you know that God has called you to write. Great! Now you know for sure. Confirmation can be such a blessing! 

But, maybe YOU wonder how to get started?, how to craft it?, or how to release it? Maybe you had already begun writing and then stopped because you felt stuck or uninspired?

Yes, writing a book is a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And it certainly shouldn’t be scary. In fact, I believe it should be pleasant.

I’ve got some great news for you! 



I’ve created a unique Masterclass:


With God’s help (and mine), you’ll not only believe you can, but you’ll know you should write that book, and you will get it done with accelerated results!

This One-of-a-Kind Masterclass offers:

  • A proven & comprehensive blueprint that guarantees a high-quality ready-to-publish book
  • 18+ hours of impactful teaching videos with detailed slides
  • 18+ hours of  Mp3 audios for those who prefer listening on the go
  • Multiple PDF’s filled with notes, tips, links, and resources
  • Exclusive Never before taught content in the Christian book niche
  • Candid and honest examples of what you’ll want to avoid – “cautionary tales”
  • Multiple online and offline resources
  • Specifically targeted content and resources that apply solely to Christian authors and the Christian book market 
  • FREE Access to the How to Write a Nonfiction Christian Book Facebook Group
  • Regular Q&A’s in the group
  • Peer support and encouragement
  • Access to the coach 



The Advantages of Writing a Book

It’s undeniable that your book, once written, will solve a need for many. It will help, bless, and equip God’s people. But that’s not all. Fulfilling your calling to write a book will also…

  • Spread the influence of the gospel of the Kingdom
  • Mentor people
  • Leave behind a legacy in writing
  • Foster the growth of your church or ministry
  • Become an extra stream of income

Overcome the Challenges of Writing a Christian Book

Let’s be honest, writing for the Christian nonfiction book market comes with own specific set of challenges, such as:

  • Learning to partner with the Holy Spirit in our writing process
  • Knowing which Bible version is the most appropriate to use
  • Praying for inspiration and over your book 
  • Overcoming the excessive humility barrier to market your book effectively
  • Sifting through the myriad of sources to quote from without offending your particular target audience. Ex: You don’t quote John MacArthur to hyper-charismatics or Smith Wigglesworth to super-conservatives.
  • How to write your author bio without sounding too boastful or short-changing your accomplishments
  • How to get into the mind of your reader and challenge his preconceived notions, theology, or assertions thoroughly and yet gracefully
  • How to keep the reader engaged when writing about more “theological” or “scholarly” matters
  • How to be truthful, relatable, AND engaging in your writing, etc.

These are ALL challenges that are specific to the nonfiction Christian book writing niche.

My many years of writing experience and knowledge of the Christian book market will guide you through all of these, while also covering other sensitive issues, such as:

  • Mindset & personal growth
  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Touchy subjects
  • Avoiding controversy

With this thorough 16-session e-course, you’ll learn about the book-writing process from start to finish – from the seed of God’s inspiration, to holding your new baby (your book) in your hands, to happily sharing it with the world. 


You’ll gain practical tools for... 


  • Choosing a BIG IDEA
  • Identifying your reader avatar 
  • Finding your voice
  • Creating a solid book outline 
  • Editing, proofreading, and cover designing
  • Marketing your book, and so much more!


You’ll also learn trending industry tips for effective titles, writing, writing tools, marketing, and publishing your book.


Most importantly, along the way, you’ll also be encouraged in your mindset and empowered to walk faithfully through your book-writing journey with God’s discipline, wisdom, and creativity. 


A well written Christian book brings a little bit of Heaven to earth. 


So, are you finally ready to share your story with the world?

If God has fired you up with a powerful book idea, I can help you deliver it to the world!

Remember, someone somewhere desperately needs you to do what God asked you to do.

I’m here to help!

In Him,

Sebastien Richard


To check out the course : 






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