Prophetic Dream for America (2021): Reconstruction, Recalibration, Reset 2022

America 2021: Reconstruction, Recalibration, Reset


Reset. We've been hearing this word a lot in recent months - - Reset. The New World Order has been pushing for a reset through repetition all throughout the media, but so has God through the mouth of many of His prophets. The New World Order wants a reset to suit their own evil agenda of mass control. But God (I love those two words together) desires a reset for the good of America and to expose corruption once and for all. Of course, God's definition of the word Reset supercedes by far that of the evil cabal of elitists who have been trying to push socialism/communism down our throats since this whole COVID 19 mess was initiated.


Now, for those of you who live on planet earth, you've surely been made aware of the incredible events that have shaken America so far in 2021. Many are alarmed by the events. Some say that it's all over for America. Others, like ourselves, are asking believers to keep on believing God. We believe America is going through a Divinely ordered reset. This, dear friends, is the American people's Red Sea moment. Americans, believers, and patriots alike are now testing their dollar bill tagline... In God We Trust. And the world is watching!


Elisabeth was given a vivid prophetic dream which we broadcasted on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. The dream featured president Abraham Lincoln as a very frail elderly gentleman with an accompanying message for America. The message was simple, and yet it bore so much weight and meaning. The message that was repeated multiple times to Elisabeth was simply three words: Reconstruct, Recalibrate, Reset.


Now, after the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, we felt it necessary to share the dream on our Thriving on Purpose Broadcast. We encourage you to watch this hour-long broadcast where we go more in-depth analyzing this powerful dream and its potential meaning. You will be blessed as you do. 





As with most things prophetic, the unpacking of a word, vision, or dream can spread over several weeks, months, or even years. And the more the events are unfolding in Washington, the more we realize this will be the case with this powerful dream. It used to be that events were monitored week-to-week and day-to-day in 2020, which was pretty hard to keep up with. But now, we are in a season where the acceleration is pedal to the metal! It's now hour-by-hour and even minute-by-minute! Things are happening so fast, and the people of God had better buckle up!


We can only pray and hope boldly that 2022 will be the year the World's Luciferian Elitists are brought before God's throne of justice. May this be the year, in Jesus' Name!


Be Blessed and Thrive On!


Elisabeth & Sebastien




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