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What is the One Thing God CANNOT do?

Have you ever been asked the childish question: If God is all powerful, can He create a rock that even He wouldn’t be able to move? What is the ONE thing God CANNOT and WILL NOT DO?

Believe it or not, I provide you with the answer to this cryptic question of the ages.

The rock that God cannot move is… Listen to the Broadcast to find out!

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Kingdom πŸ‘‘ Leadership Series | Episode 3: Obedience πŸ˜‡


As we continue our Kingdom Leadership Series, we now address the importance of obedience in leadership. Furthermore, as believers, we’re always under the authority of the King – of God. Therefore, we’re always called to obedience. And, if you’re familiar with leadership at all, you know that one cannot possibly a good leader… unless one first learns to be an obedient follower.

What are the different ways that God asks us to be Obedient in order to promote us?

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Kingdom πŸ‘‘ Leadership Series | Episode 2: Perseverance πŸ₯Š



The New Testament was penned by the leaders of a fledgling church which was persecuted. As a result, these leaders felt it was very necessary to encourage other other believers by telling them about the rewards they would get through perseverance.

This is the reason perseverance is a recurring theme all throughout the New Testament.

But, after 2000 years of Church history, believers today still need perseverance to face up to the many trials of this life, but also to the relentless attacks from the kingdom of darkness.

Furthermore, if 2020 has taught anything to western belivers it’s that persecution isn’t reserved only for Muslim, communist, or thrid-world countries. It’s now at our gates.

The perseverance of the saints is a very “NOW” thing. We believe this audio will greatly encourage you and bless you in thee challenging times.

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Has Jesus Really Changed His Prophetic Tone In 2021? πŸ€” | TOP 10 Hardest Sayings of Jesus 😲


In this season, I have heard many in the prophetic movement who have received Words from the Lord say: β€œJesus’ tone is changing; He seems harsher.”

But, has His tone really changed? Or have we perhaps just neglected some Scriptures in favor of others that make us feel better?

There are these passages of the New Testament that really give us a different picture of the man some call God and Savior. These are, in our opinion, the TOP 10 toughest sayings of Jesus. Let’s get to know the ”HE MEANS BUSINESS” side of Jesus.

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