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How God’s Favor Works


How does God’s favor work?   If you’re like us, you might have wondered at times why certain people seem more blessed than others. We know the Bible says that God shows no partiality (Romans 2:11), so we can rule that out.   On the other hand, we do have kids. And as parents, although…

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Why Personal Growth Isn’t Enough


I dared say it! Before we begin, you’ll want to join our Free T.O.P. Kingdom Growth group where we help intentional believers Create, Grow, and Impact the world for God’s Kingdom: In this episode, we discuss what you need most to be strong and thrive during tough times. We talk about why personal growth…

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The Shaking of the Church


The churches aren’t empty, the Church has been deployed   If you are distraught that churches are on lockdown – you need a better understanding of what is going on.   This is one of the most exciting times in history for the Church across the world. We believe this great shaking of the foundations…

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Lost Your Job? Find Your Work!

H losing-your-job-may-help-you-find-your-assignment-from-God

How losing your job may help you find your assignment from God     For many, the Coronavirus crisis has been just that: a crisis.   Many have lost their jobs and their income during this difficult time. Some of you might be worried about where your next meal might come from. And some of…

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COVID 19: Escape the Matrix


3 Matrixes you need to escape to thrive no matter what   There is a great scene in the movie The Truman Show, where the creator (played by Ed Harris) of Truman’s (played by Jim Carrey) fake world is interviewed by the media and is asked: “Why do you think that Truman has never come…

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