America 2021: Do We Throw In the Towel?


With everything that is happening in America, we, like many other people, were shaken by the events of the January 20th, 2021 inauguration. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t.

However, we’re not ready to throw in the towel. And neither should you! God is still on the throne and He still has a powerful plan for America. This isn’t over! This fight is going the distance! Hang on, be still, hold the line, and see the deliverance of the Lord!

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Unmasking 😷 Today’s Biggest False Prophet 📺


In this episode, I show you who the real false prophet is today, what he prophesies, and why…what if false prophets are not just who we think they are? What if by attacking those who “missed it”, we’re missing it?

Let’s be honest, we all picture false prophets as the religious types. But what if they’re not quite the ones we think? Let’s find out!

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Prophetic Dream for The Body of Christ : The Tidal Wave is Coming!


In this week’s episode, I (Elisabeth) share a powerful prophetic dream that I was given on January 5th, 2021. I believe it serves as a sober warning for the Church of Jesus-Christ to prepare for turbulent times ahead. But it also serves as an encouraging word that if you have bold faith, you will benefit from God’s supernatural protection!

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A Timely 🚨 Warning ⚠️ to the Remnant and Christian Truthers


You’ve probably heard the saying “Too much of a good thing ain’t good for you”, right?

Well, in this week’s episode, we are exploring an important question for the remnant and the Christian truthers. The question is…

How much information (or truth) is too much? And, conversely, how can we navigate the barrage of information and disinformation that comes our way every day?

How much of the Enemy’s plan should believers seek to know? How to know when you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole?

You see, I (Sebastien), used to be an avid truther, conspiracy realist, and information seeker. Through seeking and research, I unraveled and found incredible mysteries. But, after about a decade, I began to feel like all I was only focused on negative stuff. As a result, I became cynical, arrogant, and depressed. It’s not a good place to be, especially when you’re married, with children.

So, in this week’s Broadcast Episode, we tackle how to navigate the subject of TRUTH, and dare to question: How much of it can we and should we handle?

With everything that’s going on right now in the world, we felt that a balanced approach is quite needed at this time in the body of Christ.

So, in this episode, we consider how to avoid extremes in both negativity and information. As you will see, being balanced in a time of information overload and disinformation is absolutely crucial in order to maintain a healthy view of the world, God, and events – even during the darkest times.

By the way, I (Sebastien Richard) shared this poem during the broadcast. I believe it will bless some of you:

THE RABBIT HOLE (by Sebastien Richard)

I went down the rabbit hole. I wanted to see just how deep it went.

I said to God, “I’ll hold your hand, just don’t let go.” So, down, down, I went.

I thought I would reach the bottom. The farther down I went, the more I learned, and yet the darker it got. As I spiraled downward, I kept holding God’s hand – barely.

I gained much insight, unraveled mysteries, un-learned much, but still didn’t reach the end of it. “That hole is just too deep”, I thought. It became just pitch dark.

When darkness was all I could see, that’s when I told Him, “Enough already! Hold my hand Lord, I’m coming back up. I miss the light I took for granted.”

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Prophetic Dream for America 2021-Abraham Lincoln


On January 2nd, 2021, Elisabeth Richard was given a powerful prophetic dream concerning the future of America. It involved Abraham Lincoln. Nuff said. Listen to it!

Just four days later (January 6), Donald Trump did an address from Washington D.C. where millions were assembled. And then things got ugly…

This is the broadcast we did just following those events. it will bless you for sure. So, don’t be selfish… make sure you share it!

As always,

Be blessed and Thrive On!

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