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Leadership Trans-Mutation


  5 Leadership traits that will characterize tomorrow’s leaders   Years ago, when I (Sebastien) embarked on my leadership journey, I had a very static view of what leaders look like. I saw them in a corporate setting, clean-cut, with a university degree or two in their resume.   Maybe when you hear the word…

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Finding Your Path to Purpose


God wants you to have a Purpose Driven Life! Join us this week as we share a part of our story on a fantastic webinar titled: Path to Purpose.

What will you find on your Path to Purpose? Revelations… about yourself and about God; the importance of your personal leadership, and the unfolding of your very own story!

Hosted by Coylette James, this webinar features Elisabeth and myself, along with Crystal Davis (aka ‘The Lean Coach’) who is, like us, a John Maxwell Team certified coach.

Our presentations guide the audience through the inevitable yet exciting twists and turns along the ‘Path to Purpose’!

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Interview with Leadership Coach and Speaker: J. Loren Norris

J.Loren Norris

In this week’s episode, we interview Christian speaker, leadership coach, and author J. Loren Norris.
J Loren Norris’ passion is to equip, train and mentor the next generation of leaders. Loren hosts workshops for private groups, conducts life leadership seminars and mentors students. Whether entertaining and engaging crowds of 40,000 or sharing “life lessons” with elementary students, Loren approaches every crowd with an open mind and loving heart.

He has an uncanny gift for storytelling and can teach you how to effectively interweave your life story into any topic, subject or big idea. Through this process he teaches speakers, leaders and parents to transform their story and transform their lives.

Loren is also a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. For years, he has coached Dale Carnegie Courses, has trained leaders, teachers and pastors for Gateway Church, The Kings University, and entrepreneurial leadership courses at Brookhaven College.

(The sound quality is not the greatest, but don’t let that stop you..this episode is loaded with gold nuggets!) Enjoy the episode!

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8 Ways to Make Leaders Out of Your Kids

teaching leadership children

In church on Sunday, we are often told to teach our children daily about the Bible and about God. This, for sure, is something every believing parent should do. It is crucial to the spiritual development of our children. But…Is it enough to make your children into leaders?

In this episode, we give you “8 Key Principles” that, if applied, will forge your kids to be the head, and not the tail. Principles that will make your kids more confident, willing, and capable. Principles that will make them into… leaders!

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Leaders Building Greater Leaders

great leaders-mentoring

We often here the quote ” True Leaders Don’t Create Followers, They Create More Leaders”. This is a very watered down quote. True leadership is so much more and I’m going to give you a mental picture of what that looks like. You’re going to see the results of a great leaders at work and the true power of mentorship. So tune in!

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