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Overcoming Self-Doubt as a Leader


Most leaders experience self-doubt. It’s one of the most common and normal experiences in leadership, and yet, it’s rarely talked about. Of course, as a leader, self-doubt is something you should aim to overcome. Self-doubt can hinder your ability to make Big decisions. Too much self-doubt will paralyze your effectiveness and credibility as a leader. However, none at all will make you do things you might later regret. In this episode, we’ll examine the many ramifications of self-doubt in leadership. We’ll consider what it is and what it does, but most of all, we’ll give you the goods on how to overcome it!

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E25: What Team Building Process Did Jesus Use?


What Team Building Process Did Jesus Use? No matter what you are trying to achieve in your business, you will need a strong team to do it. You can only go as far as your supporting cast will take you. Sports stars and Oscar winners know this to be true. Jesus also knew this, which is why he put together the most impactful team in the history of the world: His twelve apostles. These twelve seemingly ordinary men set the world on fire. It’s not because they chose to follow Jesus, but rather because He chose them to follow Him. This difference is huge in team building dynamics. In this week’s episode you’ll learn the three groups found within any team and how to interact with the different players within each group. Being a leader doesn’t mean to always attract more followers. It means to be confident enough to choose who you keep around and invest in. Hey… it’s what Jesus would do.

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Episode 15: Identifying The Intangible Leader


What is an intangible leader? An intangible leader is someone who bring tremendous value to your team, but whose potential has not yet been reached and whose results have yet to stand out. The intangible leader is not about the obvious stuff you can put on a spreadsheet. His contributions are NOT quantifiable. In today’s episode of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we want to help you with proven ways to identify those intangible leaders around you or on your team; because failure to do so could eventually hurt your team, your organization, your leadership, and your legacy as a leader.

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Episode 11: A Survival Guide For Entrepreneurs With Children


Have you ever tried to write an important email while a toddler was climbing on you? If so, you are probably part of the mompreneur and dadpreneur club. We all know being an entrepreneur today is challenge enough, but add children to the mix, and it will test your mettle and stretch you to your limit! The last thing we want is for you to snap under the added strain this unique challenge brings. To that end, in this episode of the Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we will give you tips and guidelines to help all of you out there who happen to be Entrepreneurs… with Children!

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Episode 6: Why Small Businesses Need BIG Leadership


You’ve probably heard that most businesses fail within their first year, right?

We strongly believe the main cause of most of these failures is usually not the result of a bad product, inadequate marketing, or lack of funds – although these do come into play.


Our contention is that the most common reason for these business failures is: … the leadership of the individual entrepreneur.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. And as we will see in this episode… that’s especially true of your small business.

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