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A Timely 🚨 Warning ⚠️ to the Remnant and Christian Truthers


You’ve probably heard the saying “Too much of a good thing ain’t good for you”, right?

Well, in this week’s episode, we are exploring an important question for the remnant and the Christian truthers. The question is…

How much information (or truth) is too much? And, conversely, how can we navigate the barrage of information and disinformation that comes our way every day?

How much of the Enemy’s plan should believers seek to know? How to know when you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole?

You see, I (Sebastien), used to be an avid truther, conspiracy realist, and information seeker. Through seeking and research, I unraveled and found incredible mysteries. But, after about a decade, I began to feel like all I was only focused on negative stuff. As a result, I became cynical, arrogant, and depressed. It’s not a good place to be, especially when you’re married, with children.

So, in this week’s Broadcast Episode, we tackle how to navigate the subject of TRUTH, and dare to question: How much of it can we and should we handle?

With everything that’s going on right now in the world, we felt that a balanced approach is quite needed at this time in the body of Christ.

So, in this episode, we consider how to avoid extremes in both negativity and information. As you will see, being balanced in a time of information overload and disinformation is absolutely crucial in order to maintain a healthy view of the world, God, and events – even during the darkest times.

By the way, I (Sebastien Richard) shared this poem during the broadcast. I believe it will bless some of you:

THE RABBIT HOLE (by Sebastien Richard)

I went down the rabbit hole. I wanted to see just how deep it went.

I said to God, “I’ll hold your hand, just don’t let go.” So, down, down, I went.

I thought I would reach the bottom. The farther down I went, the more I learned, and yet the darker it got. As I spiraled downward, I kept holding God’s hand – barely.

I gained much insight, unraveled mysteries, un-learned much, but still didn’t reach the end of it. “That hole is just too deep”, I thought. It became just pitch dark.

When darkness was all I could see, that’s when I told Him, “Enough already! Hold my hand Lord, I’m coming back up. I miss the light I took for granted.”

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The 7 Traits of Godly Character


Seeking holiness in a culture of anointing! We need to hunger and thirst again after holiness. We need to prepare for the things to come on this earth in 2021 that will not be easy. There will be blessings for the body of Christ, but judgment will also come upon the land. God wants to prepare us, and it starts on the inside.

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Moving Past Spoon-Fed Christianity


Developing Mature Habits for a Mature Faith

It’s an unpleasant and yet inescapable truth: Believers like to be spoon fed.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 25:2:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”

A lot of believers decide it is too much work to desire the glory of Kings.

In other words: They do not wish to seek out matters. They prefer to seek out those who seek out matters.

Well, this ends now… with this episode where we’ll help you to develop habits and a mindset to grow past spoon-fed Christianity.

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Sebastien Richard: My Testimony


In this episode, Thriving on Purpose founder Sebastien Richard shares his testimony.

Find out…

How he came out of a traumatic and unstable childhood and into a relationship with The Rock of Eternity: Jesus Christ.
How he met and married Elisabeth
How he founded Thriving on Purpose, and more!

His story will inspire you and encourage you to seek the heart of God, no matter what your circumstances.

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Do You Have a BIG ‘But’ or Do You Have a BIG God?


  How to shift from excuses to empowerment   Getting results. Crushing it. Achieving the impossible. Accomplishing the miraculous. Surmounting huge obstacles. Becoming the best version of yourself. These are all things that you and I must do in order to have the life we desire – in order to live your dreams. And when…

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