Moving Past Spoon-Fed Christianity


Developing Mature Habits for a Mature Faith

It’s an unpleasant and yet inescapable truth: Believers like to be spoon fed.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 25:2:

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”

A lot of believers decide it is too much work to desire the glory of Kings.

In other words: They do not wish to seek out matters. They prefer to seek out those who seek out matters.

Well, this ends now… with this episode where we’ll help you to develop habits and a mindset to grow past spoon-fed Christianity.

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Sebastien Richard: My Testimony


In this episode, Thriving on Purpose founder Sebastien Richard shares his testimony.

Find out…

How he came out of a traumatic and unstable childhood and into a relationship with The Rock of Eternity: Jesus Christ.
How he met and married Elisabeth
How he founded Thriving on Purpose, and more!

His story will inspire you and encourage you to seek the heart of God, no matter what your circumstances.

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Do You Have a BIG ‘But’ or Do You Have a BIG God?


  How to shift from excuses to empowerment   Getting results. Crushing it. Achieving the impossible. Accomplishing the miraculous. Surmounting huge obstacles. Becoming the best version of yourself. These are all things that you and I must do in order to have the life we desire – in order to live your dreams. And when…

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Kingdomizing Your ” Why ”

Kingdomizing Your Why- Understanding Your Why

Understanding the difference between your purpose and your ‘ Why ‘     If you’ve been a Kingdom entrepreneur for a while, you’ve probably heard about the importance of finding your ‘ Why ’, right?   Also, in entrepreneurial circles, you’ve probably heard the following lingo:   “Have you found your ‘ Why’ ?”   …

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Why Personal Growth Isn’t Enough


I dared say it! Before we begin, you’ll want to join our Free T.O.P. Kingdom Growth group where we help intentional believers Create, Grow, and Impact the world for God’s Kingdom: In this episode, we discuss what you need most to be strong and thrive during tough times. We talk about why personal growth…

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