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Men: 6 Ways to Lead Your Family During Crisis


True Leadership Begins at Home   We’ve been hearing a lot about leadership during crises these days. And there’s definitely a case to be made on how important this is. Leaders need to pivot and shift. Heads of corporations and small businesses need to adapt to a new economy and a new reality. Many big…

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Kingdomizing Your ” Why ”

Kingdomizing Your Why- Understanding Your Why

Understanding the difference between your purpose and your ‘ Why ‘     If you’ve been a Kingdom entrepreneur for a while, you’ve probably heard about the importance of finding your ‘ Why ’, right?   Also, in entrepreneurial circles, you’ve probably heard the following lingo:   “Have you found your ‘ Why’ ?”   …

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The Shaking of the Church


The churches aren’t empty, the Church has been deployed   If you are distraught that churches are on lockdown – you need a better understanding of what is going on.   This is one of the most exciting times in history for the Church across the world. We believe this great shaking of the foundations…

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Midlife Crisis or Midlife Calling?


  How Men can navigate the troubled waters of Midlife Crisis   When a man hits midlife, usually between the ages of 37 and 50, something happens. He begins re-evaluating his accomplishments. For some, they pat themselves on the back and press on. But for others, they don’t like what they see and seek to…

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