Episodes on Faith

Speak 7 Key Declarations Over Your Life (Biblical Christian Affirmations)


We all know there is power in the tongue, so how do we declare God’s promises over our lives? In this episode, we give you “7 Key Declarations” to speak over your life, based on biblical promises in God’s word. Speak these promises daily and enjoy the fruit in your life! (Free Resource Included)

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Six Stepping Stones to Kingdom Significance

In this episode we’re going to tackle the “6 Stepping Stones” that Christian Entrepreneurs who start with nothing have to go through in order to build a life that truly matters- A Life of Kingdom Significance! This will definitely give you a breakthrough and help you understand which stepping stone you are on, and give you the direction you need to reach God’s Ultimate Goal for your life.

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How to Make Faith Work for You: 5 Stepping Stones to Kingdom Faith


Do you have a Faith that can move mountains? As Christian Entrepreneurs, we should all have Kingdom-sized Faith! But, what are the requirements in order to have a Faith that says to this mountain, “Be removed and be cast into the sea”?

In this important episode, we give you 5 Stepping Stones to a Faith that works. Why?Because as citizens of the Kingdom of God, having a faith that works should be the norm, not the exception. Besides, you can rest assured that a faith that works is God’s will for His children. So, grab your note pad and get ready to dig deeper in your understanding of Kingdom Faith, so that you can climb higher in the assignment God gave you.

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Developing Kingdom Faith (part 1)


Do you have faith that can move mountains? If not, rest assured – you’re not alone. Developing Kingdom faith is a process. While we, as believers, were all given a ‘measure of faith’, it’s what we do with that measure of faith that will determine what we accomplish for the King. In this episode of the Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we’ll teach you just how you can have the same faith as Paul, Peter, and Moses. They too were given a measure of faith, but they understood the dynamics and working out of their faith. And that, dear friends, is what makes the difference between moving mountains… or moving molehills.

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12 Characteristics of the Kingdom of God (part 2)


What are the 12 characteristics of the Kingdom of God? What does being a citizen in the Kingdom of God entail? We continue our two-part series about The 12 Characteristics of the Kingdom of God. Why? Because in order for you to understand how to operate in the Kingdom of God, you need to understand how the Kingdom of God operates. So, in this episode, you will get much more insight about what was conferred to you by the King. You will understand more about your status, position, and authority in His Kingdom. This teaching will impact your soul, lift your spirit, and change your life forever!

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