Episodes on Faith

E33: God’s Kingdom Purpose for Man (Part 3)


In part three of the “God’s Kingdom Purpose for Man” teaching series, we dive deep into the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ that our Lord was so consumed by in the gospels. The word ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’. And yet, the gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the most misunderstood teachings within today’s Church. Your understanding of the ‘Good News’ will be revolutionized and will send you on your way full of joy, empowerment, and expectation. Because, after all, this is what good news is supposed to do.

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E29: 10 Differences Between Mindset and Kingdom Mindset


What defines a strong mindset? What defines a strong mindset for a Kingdom Entrepreneur? What are the differences? In this episode, we give you 10 differences between the components of a secular mindset and the components of a Kingdom mindset. For you, understanding this will mean the difference between operating in your own strength and operating in the full authority and power of God. It’s gonna be BIG!

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E28: 70 Resolutions by Jonathan Edwards that Stood the Test of Time

Three hundred years ago, Jonathan Edwards penned his life’s resolutions, which have proven to be far superior to the New Year’s resolutions that most of us make. Find out in this episode how New Life’s resolutions will always trump New Year’s resolutions, and how you can make them too.

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E22: 10 Things Christian Entrepreneurs Need to Know About The Sabbath


Do you, as a Christian entrepreneur, remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy? In today’s hurried, hustled, and work-no-matter-the-cost mentality, taking a day of rest may seem very counter intuitive. And yet, a weekly day’s rest is not only sensible, but it is what God commands his people to do! If we’re honest, of all the ten commandments, this is the one most neglected by today’s believers. But, as we will see from this episode; in the end, if we neglect the Sabbath Day, we mostly hurt ourselves. To remedy this epic fail on our part as believers, we give you: 10 things Christian Entrepreneurs need to know about the sabbath. So, take a chill pill, sit back, relax, and listen to this much needed episode about the value of rest.

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E21: How Satan Targets You As a Christian Entrepreneur


Did you know that you are on the Devil’s hit list? Satan targets Christian Entrepreneurs the most in order to neutralize you, your business, and your effectiveness for God’s Kingdom. Using the story of Job, as well as our own experiences, this episode will teach you how the enemy proceeds to neutralize you. This will not only give you solid scriptural knowledge, but it will also equip you by strengthening your faith, and teach you how you can fight back. As you will see, the devil may be a roaring lion, but with God in charge, you’re far from being a sitting duck.

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