Episodes on Relationships

E27: How to Find a Godly Christian Man (A Woman’s Guide)


5 Important things to look for in a Christian Man when dating. A Christian Woman’s Guide. There is a winning recipe to finding the mate God intended for you to marry. All the good Godly Men are not taken! You just need ONE Christian man, and more importantly, “The Right One!” In this episode we show you how to end the struggle!

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E26: 5 Tips to Do Business Successfully With Believers

Doing Business with Believers in the church doesn’t have to be difficult! Learn our tips to create great business relationships! How is working with believers different from working with unbelievers? Is it better or worse? In this week’s episode, we tackle the elephant in the room: how Christians can get nasty towards one another in business… and how to avoid it!

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E20: How to Not Let Your Business Ruin Your Marriage


Did you know Entrepreneurs have a higher divorce rate? As an Entrepreneur, you need an encouraging spouse rooting for you, right? How do you not let your marriage end in divorce when being an Entrepreneur causes tension in your relationship?

At times, it may seem like becoming an Entrepreneur was the worst decision you ever made for your marriage. We know how you feel, we’ve been there. Let’s give you some important tips, so that this entrepreneurial journey is a pleasant one for you, your spouse and your family life.

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