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Christians and The New Age Deception


Why is the New Age so prevalent and popular in our culture? Why are even Christians falling for it? And why is it embraced mostly by women? Women tend to flock to New Age beliefs because it makes them feel empowered in our post-modern culture, does away with a patriarchal system they detest, does away with God as a Father figure, does away with everything that they find distasteful with Christianity, which incidentally in most cases is the Faith of their ancestors. In short, the New Age is very in tune with post-modern feminism.

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Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Fellow Entrepreneurs’ Success


Are you covetous of other entrepreneurs’ success? Somebody once said that when you talk to God, it’s called prayer, but that when you hear Him answer back… that’s insanity.   Well, I’ve been a believer in the Most High for over three decades now, and by that standard, I guess that would make me insane.…

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No Calling Without A Caller


  This post will be different from those I write usually. I will not give you a leadership teaching, business tips, or personal growth recommendations. This post will be what some of you might call a ‘religious’ post, although I usually tend to shy away from anything deemed religious. So, if you are offended by…

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Field of Dreams (Kevin Costner)


  Do you have a Vision?   “If you build it, he will come.”     Regardless if you think the Mandela effect messed with this quote from the 1989 movie hit Field of Dreams (starring Kevin Costner); the quote became a pop-culture mainstay – and with good reason. But I didn’t always feel this…

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God Will Provide..


  Has God asked you to do something that you are not sure about?   As believers, and as entrepreneurs, we are often guided by the Lord to do things that we are not sure about… or even things that we are terrified about.   Christians are told in the Scriptures to trust in God…

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