Christian, Broke, and Loving it.


Christians seem to think they are being virtuous if they hate money and stay broke. This is corrupt thinking, ungodly, and unscriptural… and we explain why. Discerning the “Spirit of Poverty” in your life is essential to breaking free from religious bondage and reaching your full entrepreneurial potential for the Kingdom of God. You will also learn why you need money to make an impact in God’s Kingdom here on earth.

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E24: How to Define Your Target Market


Do you know how to define your “Target Market”? Do you know how to Prospect your ideal customer for your online Business (niche)? It all starts by finding who that is! Not everyone is the right customer. Learn from the life of Jesus, how he targeted his ideal audience! Also, you will learn how marketing experts proceed to create their avatar. So, if you think an avatar is a big blue giant creature from a James Cameron movie, you definitely need to listen to this week’s episode!

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Episode 17: Should You Write a Book for Your Business?


Want to write a book or become an author? Should you write a book for your Business? A lot of experts say ‘Yes’, and with good reason. Nothing can make you and your business stand out like having your name on the cover of a book. A good book can definitely position you as an expert in your field and bring more business your way. But before you get started, it would be wise to ask yourself key questions to know if writing a book is right for you.

In this week’s episode we tackle the goods about writing a book for your business by bringing you 10 Key Questions you should ask yourself before hitting that keyboard. So, get ready, as we will challenge some pre-conceived and often ill-advised notions about what it means to become an author in today’s market.

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Episode 16: 4 Proven Strategies to Prioritize Your Life and Business


Learn 4 Proven Strategies to help you Prioritize your Life and Business. If you don’t, you’ll be caught in all sorts of distractions… They are the plague of the Entrepreneur. Learn time-management that sets you up for success.

They come to you under all kinds of guises: emails, screaming toddlers, phone calls, social media; and they even come to you disguised as good things such as church ministry, interesting offers, or palpitating events.

How do you, as an Entrepreneur, learn to sift through all of these and determine what is worthy of your attention? How do you determine what should shift your focus? How do you manage your life in such a way as to prioritize what is important over what is urgent? And most of all… how can you develop the inner fortitude to say ‘NO’ without feeling guilty? Prioritizing the RIGHT way, will determine how Successful you will become in LIFE and Business.

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