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No More Mr. Nice Guy!

A few years back, my next door neighbor was an elderly gentleman. We would sometimes take the time to chit-chat. Every time we finished talking, he would always exhort me by saying: “Be good.” That was his way of saying ‘see ya later.’ There was much value in these two words. Today, in this article, I’d like to address the differences between being nice, and being good. And trust me, the difference is huge!

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Why Men Hate Going to Church

Why do men hate going to church? When David Murrow wrote his book (Why Men Hate Going to Church) back in 1994, it made some big waves – and still does today. Why? Because he dared to address a BIG problem with the way we do church. And this way is causing a testosterone exodus from our faith communities. In this blog post, we look at the major church turn-offs for men… and how they can be remedied.

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Healing The Father Wound


Didn’t Have The Greatest Role-Model Growing Up?   This post is for men who, like me, have been harboring what psychologists commonly call a “Father Wound.”   What is a father wound? Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a Catholic a Catholic psychiatrist who heads the Institute for Marital Healing, described it this way:   “While the term “father…

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