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Go From Survival Mode to Full Thriving Mode in Eight Simple Steps!


Are you struggling to find meaning? Have you found your purpose; your life's mission? What about dreams... do you have any?

These life-defining questions are to be tackled head on if you want to thrive. So, If you are intentional about reaching your goals and willing to put in the work to get there, you will find Thrive on Purpose to be a breath of fresh air!

In this short Kindle book, personal growth and leadership expert Sebastien Richard candidly shares with you eight time-tested and proven stepping stones towards a massively successful life. Thrive on Purpose teaches you how to develop profitable habits towards an impactful, fulfilled, and purposeful life... and yes, even improve your finances through the process!

The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. Well, sure enough, these simple success principles have been around and proven to work by all the successful men and women in history. And yet, many people still ignore them today. Stand out by learning them and embracing them! Thrive on Purpose serves as a much needed refresher of those not-so-secret and oh-so-powerful principles. They are now made available to you in this uniquely powerful and life-changing little book.





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