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Do You Keep Track of All the Seeds You Sow?

It is a fact of life that you can only improve what you measure. Olympic athletes know this, scientists know this, and farmers know this as well.

The Bible also admonishes believers to be generous. For this reason, many christians are very generous and give (sow) abundantly. That’s great! But do you purposefully measure what you give? Do you keep track of it? Do you remember it and pray over it?

Like farmers, we are encouraged to sow abundantly in order to reap abundantly (Luke 6:38, 2 Cor. 9:6-8).

However, few people understand the value of remembering the seeds they sow, the soil they sow into, and the harvest they reap from it.

Sowing and reaping is a process that requires methodical tracking of the seed and its progress. Any good farmer will tell you of the importance of knowing what they’ve sown and where they’ve sown it. This enables them to know where the soil needs to be watered or enriched with fertilizer and nutrients.

The same can be said of the believer who sows abundantly. The watering and fertilizing of his seed is done by praying over it intently and decreeing over it. But how can you do this if you don’t keep track of your every seed?

With the My Kingdom Journey: Seed Journal, you can now keep track of all the sowing you do in the Kingdom of God!


Keeping track of all your seed enables you to…


🌱 Remember who you gave to (ministry), how much you gave, and for what purpose.

🌱 Pray over your “seed” regularly and with more efficiency.

🌱 Be encouraged in knowing that your labor in the Kingdom of God is not in vain. Anticipate a plentiful harvest.

🌱 Give thanks when your seed bears fruit.

🌱 Remember the goodness and promises of God at harvest time, and much more!

With the My Kingdom Journey: Seed Journal, you can Improve on your Kingdom crop by remembering all of your seeds, praying over them, and praising God for His ensuing abundant harvest!

This "Seed journal" is part of the

“My Kingdom Journey” Series.


🌱 Journal 1: Seed Journal (your Kingdom giving and sowing)


🗣 Journal 2: My Decrees (your personalized Kingdom decrees and declarations)


✍️ Journal 3: Field Notes (your Kingdom Ideas, plans, downloads and inspirations)

🌻 Journal 4: Harvest Journal (Your Kingdom blessings, gratitude, and answered prayers)

This Seed Journal's use is maximized when used in tandem with the Harvest Journal. All four journals can be used independently, but we recommend all four to maximise their impact on your Kingdom Journey.


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