Episode 2: Characteristics of a Leader


Which Qualities Set Leaders Apart from the Herd?


Leadership is a strange animal. Although leadership experts can agree on what makes for good leadership in the larger sense, the number of characteristics deemed as necessary for it can vary greatly.


So, depending on how general or detailed you choose to analyze leadership, the numbers will vary. That’s because leadership defies a permanent and static definition – it cannot be boxed. It’s always recognized by people when they witness it, but the varying styles of influences which makes it up can make it hard to pin down. It’s a bit like trying to predict the weather. There are ways to do it, but it sure isn’t an exact science. Leadership is, in a way, quite intangible.


Nevertheless, there are some characteristics that cannot be overlooked and that defy time, cultures, trends, and situations. So, in this episode of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we discuss:



  1. People Skills
  2. Smarts
  3. Vision
  4. Character
  5. Adaptability
  6. Focus
  7. “IT” Factor


In this Episode You Will:

-Learn what separates leaders from followers

-Get a clear picture of what constitutes strong leadership

-Get a better grasp of what is required in order to positively influence others

-Be equipped with knowledge to build a strong leadership   foundation



Memorable Quotes:


“Emotional (smarts) is more rare than book smarts, but my experience says it is actually more important in the making of a leader.” – Jack Welsh


"I.Q. get you hired… E.Q. gets you promoted."


“Competence goes beyond words. It’s the leader’s ability to say it, plan it, and do it in such a way that others know that you know how – and know that they want to follow you.” – John C. Maxwell


"Common sense isn’t so common."


Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” ― Jack Welch


“Character is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.”


“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – John Wooden


"Adaptability is being able to adjust to any situation at any given time.”  – John Wooden


"Charisma gets you in the room, but character keeps you there.”





The seven characteristics listed in the podcast were taken from:

Lead Like a Superhero, by Sebastien Richard


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