4 Misconceptions πŸ˜• About the Kingdom πŸ‘‘ of God | Kingdom πŸ‘‘ Fundamentals Book πŸ“– LaunchπŸš€

In this episode, we begin a NEW series of teachings based on Sebastien Richard's brand new book: Kingdom Fundamentals: What the Kingdom of God Means and What it Means for YOU

While the book's main purpose is to look deeply into what the Kingdom of God IS; today, we'll look at what it isn't.

There are 4 main misconceptions about the Kingdom of God that most people fall victim to in the course of their walk as believers. If you're not careful, and are not taught in the ways of the Kingdom of God, these falsehoods can make you a bitter victim instead of a better victor.

We prefer that you become a better victor - and so does the Lord.

As always,

Be blessed and thrive on!

P.S. And get your very own, fresh-off-the-press-copy of the newest enemy of religion: Kingdom Fundamentals --------> Get the Book HERE!

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