Unmasking 🎭 the Spirit of Jezebel 👿 – Part 2

In this week's episode, we continue unmasking the spirit of Jezebel. So, if you haven't already, make sure you listen to part 1 first.

In part 2, we'll examine the reasons why Jezebel is a stubborn and 'sticky' spirit that is often hard to cast out.

We'll also dive deep into why this wicked entity has multiplying for decades in the western church, in marriages, and in families. The main reason might surprise you.

We believe that it is true the End-Times Church is anointed with the spirit of Elijah. However, Elijah confronted Jezebel. And, as such, it is time for the Church to submit to God, repent of its sin, confront the spirit of Jezebel and cast it to the dogs to be devoured.

Are you ready?

You'll be blessed as we also guide you in a powerful prayer of deliverance to confront and get rid of this wicked spirit once and for all!

We believe this to be one of the most thorough and complete teachings on the spirit of Jezebel ever offered anywhere. So, make sure you share it!

Be blessed and thrive on!

Elisabeth & Sebastien


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