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Want To Start Your Very Own Podcast?

Not sure where to start? Let's take away the overwhelm, shall we?


There are so many things to learn when you want to start a podcast.


What platform should you use?

♦ How to create quality audio for your listeners?

♦ How do you edit your podcast?

♦ What are the tools recommended that won't cost you a fortune to create a great show for your listeners?

♦ How do you drive traffic to your website?

♦ How do you create a brand to get your podcast noticed?



I did a lot of research and tried many different platforms. I wanted something simple to use. HTML coding is not something I like to do. I'm more of a simple drag and drop kind of person! lol


I'm very visual, so I like building a page the way I imagine it in my head. I was looking for something very customizable, which is the downside to most WordPress sites.


I didn't want to spend a fortune either. I also knew I still had lots to learn from professional podcasters that could give me tips on marketing my podcast and so much more.


I found a podcasting platform/academy that solved all my problems and taught us both so much! It's become our online hub for everything podcasting!


We have access to Free courses, an online community (Forum), we get to listen to professional podcasters give us their insights on different topics and trends in the podcasting world.


Last but not least... I've had such amazing tech support! I now know them by their first names. That gives you an idea how often I've bugged them with


They are so amazing and have helped me with any and all the tech support I've needed. They have proven incredibly helpful and lightning fast at providing me with answers or services. Honestly, they make every other platform I've tried look bad.


No joke! I've used 6 other platforms before them and every time I called tech support, I wanted to pull my hair out!


When people start a podcast, they look at the platform hosting cost $ which is usually inexpensive a month. They think it costs 12$/ month and they are good to go.


What they don't take in consideration is all the extra costs that they don't see. Every plugin that you need to add. Next thing you know, your show costs you a lot of money per month.

This is why we love the platform we are using, because we don't have all these hidden costs.

Click the button to check it out, look at the pricing section, they give you so much for your money.


I wish you luck in your podcasting venture and I hope you'll enjoy this podcast experience as much as we have!


Be Blessed and Thrive On!


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