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"Lead Like a Superhero" goes in-depth into the psyche of well known Comic Book icons, analyzing their leadership strengths and weaknesses, and what makes them tick.

But here is the kicker: it will, through its one of a kind lens, enable its readers to recognize the superhero leaders around them, or better yet... the one within.


Lead Like a Superhero is an unconventional approach to leadership, perfectly tailored for a new generation of leaders. It teaches all of the best, time-tested leadership principles, values, and tactics, but with an all new Pop Culture twist! 


With vibrant leadership analysis and examples from the worlds of DC and Marvel Comics, It's definitely NOT your father's leadership book. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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Endorsed by Top Leaders

Mel-Robbins-5 Second Rule

“This book will make you look at superheroes, and leadership, in a whole new way. With Lead Like a Superhero, Sebastien Richard inspires us to go further, pushing us to meet the heroic version of ourselves.” 

— Mel Robbins, best-selling author of "The 5 Second Rule" and motivational speaker. Named among the top 25 personal development leaders of 2016 by Success Magazine (January 2017)

“Sebastien Richard cleverly uses the collective likability factor of superheroes and brings the leadership values they model to the forefront for us to ponder and learn from them. If you don’t want to "Lead Like a Superhero" after reading this book, it’s probably because you’re a supervillain.”

—Chris Widener, World Renowned Speaker, Podcaster, and Author of Leadership Rules 
Tom Dutta

If Superman were a business leader what leadership score would he be?
I've been a CEO in Corporate America for most of my career and loved this book. Imagine using the metaphors of superheroes that we all know and love from our youth and defining them as leader teach leadership in a fun and authentic way. Sebastien Richard's book is astonishing. Each Superhero is defined with strengths and weaknesses and a score...helping the reader associate their own leadership profile. This is a heroic book for all audiences written by a great thought leader! (Amazon review)

— Tom Dutta, Founder and CEO of KRE-AT, International Best Selling Author of The Quiet Warrior, and Podcaster


 - A younger generation of Leaders and seasoned Leaders alike


- Entrepreneurs


- Thought Leaders


- Influencers


-  Games Changers


- World Impactors


- Anyone who seeks to improve their leadership ability


- Personal Growth Enthusiasts


- And, YES, definitely comic book fans!


Superheroes are great leaders - And Now... It's YOUR turn.


Ditch the Suit...Embrace The Cape!

Superheroes are great leaders... and now it's your turn!

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That's Me... the Author

I must confess: I am unashamedly  a comic book geek and I have been since my teens.

Reading comics growing up has contributed to the shaping of my values and character. To borrow from Jack Nicholson: "They made me want to be a better man."


I created Lead Like a Superhero because, as a certified coach and leadership trainer with the John Maxwell Team, I realized and fully understood that:


♦ Everything rises and falls on Leadership. Therefore, sound Leadership is SUPER important everywhere, in every sphere, and for everyone


♦ People (like me) who love comic books and superhero movies are, deep down, seeking to feel empowered and inspired (aren't we all?)


I wanted to answer this need for Empowerment, Inspiration, and Leadership by mashing-up the best leaders in comics with time-tested leadership principles and values. I'm proud to say I pulled it off! The result is a page turner that will change your life... for the better!


Lead Like a Superhero will empower people to believe they can. They CAN reach their dreams, they CAN be successful, they CAN improve and become better leaders, they CAN have an amazing impact on the lives of others, they CAN... Lead Like a Superhero.


Sebastien Richard


So, You Want to Change into a More Powerful Leader?


This Book is Your Phone Booth.

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