Shipping Details....


✯ All of our items are made to order. This means as soon as you order, we get to work producing your item!

✯ Please allow 3-5 days to receive a tracking number.

✯ Depending on your location, shipping time is quoted by the mail carrier as 4-12 business days.


✯ Typically: U.S.A  4-7 business days

✯ We do not ship to other countries at this time.


✯ Please look at the detailed description in the item you are interested in. Our items are either offered digitally, through Amazon or through other U.S. fulfillment centers. The specific shipping days are specified in the description of the item. 


If you order more than one product they may not be shipped or received at the same exact date. You might receive your order in a separate packages, but this will be of NO extra charge for you.



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