Episode 4: When God Demotes You


Maybe today you are undergoing one of God’s demotions. Maybe you’re in a dark dungeon right now, wondering where God is in your life. In this podcast episode, we will see through a study in the life of Joseph that God’s demotions serve a higher purpose for us.

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Episode 3: 12 Reasons Why Christians Need Personal Development


We are spiritual beings, housed in a flesh body, made in the image of God, who have a work to accomplish here on earth. That said, we need to understand that to accomplish the best work possible, we need to become all that we can be. And for that, we need more than just spiritual growth – we need personal growth.

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Episode 2: Characteristics of a Leader


Which Qualities Set Leaders Apart from the Herd?   Leadership is a strange animal. Although leadership experts can agree on what makes for good leadership in the larger sense, the number of characteristics deemed as necessary for it can vary greatly.   So, depending on how general or detailed you choose to analyze leadership, the…

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Episode 1: God’s Bootcamp


God’s Bootcamp is the training grounds where God preps us by teaching us and getting us ready for fulfilling our mission in life. What sucks about God’s boot camp is that it can be extremely grueling and full of hardships. What’s great about it is that you can’t imagine your life without it… once you’ve been through it.

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