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Leadership Trans-Mutation


  5 Leadership traits that will characterize tomorrow’s leaders   Years ago, when I (Sebastien) embarked on my leadership journey, I had a very static view of what leaders look like. I saw them in a corporate setting, clean-cut, with a university degree or two in their resume.   Maybe when you hear the word…

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Lost Your Job? Find Your Work!

H losing-your-job-may-help-you-find-your-assignment-from-God

How losing your job may help you find your assignment from God     For many, the Coronavirus crisis has been just that: a crisis.   Many have lost their jobs and their income during this difficult time. Some of you might be worried about where your next meal might come from. And some of…

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COVID 19: Escape the Matrix


3 Matrixes you need to escape to thrive no matter what   There is a great scene in the movie The Truman Show, where the creator (played by Ed Harris) of Truman’s (played by Jim Carrey) fake world is interviewed by the media and is asked: “Why do you think that Truman has never come…

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The Coronavirus: How Christians Should Deal with Pandemic Panic


The Coronavirus: A Reasoned Response   *SPECIAL EDITION EPISODE*   In the wake of the coronavirus, the reactions have been varied by believers. From those who treat it like business as usual to those who give way to media-induced panic, to those who preach this is God’s judgment on a wicked humanity.   Amidst the…

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Midlife Crisis or Midlife Calling?


  How Men can navigate the troubled waters of Midlife Crisis   When a man hits midlife, usually between the ages of 37 and 50, something happens. He begins re-evaluating his accomplishments. For some, they pat themselves on the back and press on. But for others, they don’t like what they see and seek to…

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