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6 Ways to Rest In The Lord


Embrace a Season of Rest and Restoration   When we look at the news and consider all that is going on right now in our world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed – scared even.    With all the wickedness and evil breaking out, it’s obvious that the devil is making his ‘BIG Push’. And this,…

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Going From Orphan Spirit to Kingdom Son


  Embracing Your Kingdom Authority (Praise TV) In this episode, we provide you with a segment of a teaching we gave as guests on Praise TV internet program from Pakistan, hosted by pastor Shahzad Saddique.   You can access the full video teaching in our Free Facebook group ( T.O.P. Kingdom Growth): Click to Watch…

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5 Tips to Stay Together When You’re Stuck Together

Tough times don’t last but tough couples do   Forced confinement has brought many unexpected challenges. One of these challenges is for married couples who were used to leaving for work every day only to see each other after work and on weekends. They now have to be together 24/7. For some of them, this…

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Men: 6 Ways to Lead Your Family During Crisis


True Leadership Begins at Home   We’ve been hearing a lot about leadership during crises these days. And there’s definitely a case to be made on how important this is. Leaders need to pivot and shift. Heads of corporations and small businesses need to adapt to a new economy and a new reality. Many big…

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