E33: God’s Kingdom Purpose for Man (Part 3)


In part three of the “God’s Kingdom Purpose for Man” teaching series, we dive deep into the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ that our Lord was so consumed by in the gospels. The word ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’. And yet, the gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the most misunderstood teachings within today’s Church. Your understanding of the ‘Good News’ will be revolutionized and will send you on your way full of joy, empowerment, and expectation. Because, after all, this is what good news is supposed to do.

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E32: God’s Kingdom Purpose for Man (Part 2)


The Kingdom of God was the most prevalent teaching of Jesus during His earthly ministry, even after His resurrection. In this second episode of the “God’s Kingdom Purpose for Man” series, we’ll continue laying a knowledge foundation by addressing the implications of the fall of man and the subsequent covenants of God. You’ll see that God was not only prepared in case man fell, but you’ll also get a much clearer understanding of what lengths He went through to rescue us from ourselves. And, if you haven’t listened to episode 31 yet, make sure you listen to it before listening to this one.

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E31: God’s Kingdom Purpose for Man (Dominion)


The Kingdom of God was the most prevalent teaching of Jesus during His earthly ministry, even after His resurrection. The Bible also tells us in Genesis that God has given man “Dominion” on the earth. You can’t find your God given Purpose until you understand this! What does it entail… for YOU, as a Believer and Christian Entrepreneur? As you will hear from this Oh-So-Important episode, the answer is: EVERYTHING.

So grab your Bible, buckle-up, put your thinking cap on, grab a pen and notepad, because this is one for the ages! You’ll never read your Bible the same way again… and that can be a good thing… or better yet, a God thing!

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E30: How to Become Unstoppable (Dave Anderson)


How can you become unstoppable? According to Dave Anderson, a leading international speaker and author on personal and corporate performance improvement and the author of the book Unstoppable: Transforming your mindset to create change, to accelerate results, and be the best at what you do; it all begins with your mindset. In this episode we’ll share with you Dave’s analysis on four performance levels people find themselves at. But most important, we’ll give you the goods on how to bring yourself up to the level where the ‘magic’ happens: the game-changer status. This is one episode you don’t want to miss!

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E29: 10 Differences Between Mindset and Kingdom Mindset


What defines a strong mindset? What defines a strong mindset for a Kingdom Entrepreneur? What are the differences? In this episode, we give you 10 differences between the components of a secular mindset and the components of a Kingdom mindset. For you, understanding this will mean the difference between operating in your own strength and operating in the full authority and power of God. It’s gonna be BIG!

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