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30 Major Causes of Failure (Part 1)


From the Book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill


John Maxwell has listed Think and Grow Rich in his ‘Lifetime Must Read’ books list.


There are countless useful and amazing principles taught in the book.


In our next two episodes, we will focus on Napoleon Hill’s list of ‘30 Major Causes of Failure’.


As you know, failure is merely a stepping stone to success. A rite of passage.


In that list, we know you will recognize your own causes of failure…


In This Episode You Will:


♦ Learn the major causes of failure most people struggle with.


♦ Learn how to face yourself in light of those causes.


♦ Learn how to overcome these causes in your own life.


♦ We share candidly some of our struggles in our own personal growth journey.


Listen to The 30 Major Causes of Failure- Part 2:



Let us know what you think you should work on after listening to this podcast. We would love to know! Comment below…





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