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30 Major Causes of Failure (Part 2)


Making wise choices…


There are countless useful and amazing principles taught in ‘Think and Grow Rich’.


This week, we conclude our two-part series on Napoleon Hill’s list of 30 Major Causes of Failure.


This part is basically cautioning you to not make these mistakes in your personal life. As we know, making the right decision even in the mate we choose can make us or break us.


Tune-in for the 2nd part, which honestly is probably our favorite in the list. Find out why…


Are you ready? Let’s dig deeper…


In This Episode You Will:


♦ Learn why money should not be your driving force.


♦ Find out which major choices can affect the rest of our lives.


♦ Learn the role, negative character traits and lack of integrity play in failure.


♦ Find out the negative habits that stop your growth.


Quotes on Failure & Choices:


Never let success get to your head








What is your favorite quote on failure? Post it below…

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