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A Season for Watchmen and Prophets (Christian Remnant & The Prophetic)

A Season-for-Watchmen-and-Prophets-Remnant-Christians-The-Prophetic


There are two groups of people through whom the Lord has been giving many powerful dreams, visions, and prophecies in our time:


The prophets and the watchmen… 


And, strangely enough, they both seem to have been given only a part of the complete picture we are living. They each seem to be carrying two halves of the whole scenario. 


As a result, and sadly, they seem to disagree on what is going on around us.


On one hand, we have prophets, godly men and women, who are prophesying words of encouragement to individuals and groups such as:


  • God is bringing you in a season of renewal and blessing
  • A powerful Revival is coming to the Church
  • God will use you mightily in this season
  • God is getting us ready for a new thing
  • I sense a mighty outpouring of the Spirit, etc.


On the other hand, we have the watchmen, who are just as godly and devout, who are claiming to be given visions and dreams of warning and judgment:


  • Judgment is coming upon America and the world
  • Stock up food and ammo
  • The cup of God’s wrath is full
  • I have been given visions of great calamity and trouble coming, etc.


So, which is it? 


Is God bringing blessing or cursing? Healing or calamity? Rejoicing or sorrow?


Well, we know that God is, and has always been, a God of truth and mercy, judgment and grace, blessing and cursing.


We believe that both the prophets and the watchmen are to be heeded in this troublesome hour.


In this episode, we teach you how to have balance in hearing and discerning the prophetic for our day and age.



Pinnable Quotes: 


“It’s important for watchmen to understand that God can use them in a very positive way in a negative environment.” ~ Sebastien Richard



“Our God, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever has given us both the watchmen and the prophets to equip us properly and to give us a complete picture of what He is doing. The good, the very good, the bad, and the ugly.” ~ S. Richard



“The role of the Old Testament prophet has shifted and is more akin to today’s watchmen than the New Testament prophet.” ~ S. Richard



“Old Testament prophets stood alone in their ministry while New Testament prophetic ministry is a team effort sustained and confirmed by the whole body of Christ.” ~ S. Richard



“At this very crucial time in history we, the Body of Christ, need to stand together and stop tearing each other down. We need to stop acting like the devil who is ‘the accusers of the brethren.’ That’s his job, not ours.”

~ S. Richard



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About the author, Sebastien

Sebastien Richard is a certified John Maxwell Team leadership trainer as well as a busy dad, author, podcaster, Bible teacher, and entrepreneur.

He is the founder and Director of Operations of Thriving on Purpose (, a faith-based leadership and personal growth organization that seeks to empower Kingdom believers through faith, leadership, and personal growth. With his wife (Elisabeth), he co-hosts The Thriving on Purpose weekly podcast.

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