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Episode 10: The 9 Types of Intelligences


You’re Smarter Than You Think! There are Multiple Intelligences!

In this episode of The Thriving on Purpose Podcast, we will look through the list of what the 9 Types of Intelligences are and what they entail. This will enable you, dear listener, to recognize your own… and even those of the people you might have thought were not the sharpest tool in the shed.


Howard Gardner revolutionized the field of Quantitative Intelligence (I.Q.) when his theory (and book) was released in 1983.


According to Gardner, “While we may continue to use the words smart and stupid, and while IQ tests may persist for certain purposes, the monopoly of those who believe in a single general intelligence has come to an end. Brain scientists and geneticists are documenting the incredible differentiation of human capacities, computer programmers are creating systems that are intelligent in different ways, and educators are freshly acknowledging that their students have distinctive strengths and weaknesses.”


And with this premise, Gardner brought to us his theory of Multiple Intelligences.


In this Episode You Will:

♦ Grow your self-knowledge and self-awareness.

♦ Learn to develop a deeper level of connection with others.

♦ Learn how to recognize the different types of intelligences.

♦ Learn to appreciate the varieties of brain cells in God’s creative wisdom.


Memorable Quotes:


“It’s not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart.” – Howard Gardner


“You’re smarter than you think and other people aren’t as dumb as you think.”


“Interestingly, there is often an effective connection between music and the emotions; and mathematical and musical intelligences may share common thinking processes.”



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