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Episode 13: The Law of Attraction: Is It For Christians? (Part 1)


Shedding Some Light on ‘The Secret’

In 2006, the book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, took the world by storm and since then has sold millions of copies.

The Law of Attraction has become a household name in personal growth and is now taught by most personal development teachers, gurus, and motivational speakers.

Within Christianity, some have gobbled it up hook, line, and sinker, while others call it straight out witchcraft.

Is the law of attraction good?

Is it bad?

Is it neutral?

In this first episode of a two-part series, we will look at every possible angle of The Law of Attraction, from a biblical perspective, as we attempt to shed light on this increasingly controversial and misunderstood belief.

Make sure you join us for this unique, thought-provoking, and thorough two-part series.

You will be greatly blessed in added discernment as we delve into, and expose, all the secrets behind ‘The Secret’.



In This Episode You Will:

♦ Learn how The Law of Attraction is just one of many laws that is in operation within God’s Created Order.

♦ Get a clear definition of The Law of Attraction.

♦ Understand how the three guiding principles of The Law of Attraction DO align with Scripture.

♦ Understand how our thoughts and words DO impact our lives.

♦ Get a glimpse of what we will talk about in Part 2, where we will debunk false teachings within the New Age About The Law of Attraction.



Memorable Quotes:

“You’ll notice that when we stop naming a thing and teach it as fact, that is when it has become part of the culture.”


“They stole our rainbow! … Let’s take back what the Enemy has stolen. Let’s take it back and make it so Christian that New Agers will fear it and stay away from it!” – John Paul Jackson


“Don’t forget that the Bible is a very supernatural book. And God wants us to live a life where the supernatural shows up.”


“Every LAW has a Law Maker. Like any law of creation, God made it for the benefit of his creation – and for us.”


“For example: Gardening is indiscriminating. There are simple rules associated with it. Believers can do it successfully, and so can evil men.”


“Where focus goes, energy flows.”


“The Bible, while not specifically telling us that we can direct our lives by controlling our thoughts, does mention the importance of positive thinking, a strong mindset, and a focus on right things and right thinking.”


For example, they’ll say that if you have debt, and you keep thinking about your debts… you will only attract more debt.


“Focus on the abundance God gives you. Be thankful for all you DO have. Praise Him in prayer in advance for providing for your needs as you ask Him to do so.”


Recomended Resources:


John Paul Jackson on YouTube


Psalm 73, where Asaph wonders how the wicked prosper.


A blog post written about The New Age and its overly widespread influence in the personal growth industry:


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About the author, Sebastien

Sebastien Richard was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1974. He is happlily married, has three children (Jason, Marissa, and Katelyn), and now resides in Prince Edward Island (Canada). He is a sought-after Bible teacher, and speaker.

In 2015, God led him to found Thriving on Purpose (, a Faith-based organization where (along with his wife, Elisabeth) he provides Kingdom knowledge for today's believers, helping them to build up the Kingdom of God and tear down strongholds.

Aside from his next books, Sebastien is most active in producing impactful content for his weekly Facebook broadcasts.

When he's not busy with ministry, or courageously leading his family to further happiness and bliss, he enjoys masterminding with Elisabeth at breakfast time, family road trips, researching fringe theories, cryptozoology, geek culture, and movie nights with the kids while chowing down pizza.

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