How to Create Amazing Content for Your Podcast


As you know Marketing is Queen, and Content is King. This week, we want to help you create content your audience will LOVE you for! We are going to spill our secrets to creating amazing content for your podcast.

After you listen to this episode you will have tons of ideas, marketing insights, you will know how to find your audience, and you will no longer be able to say “I have no clue what to talk about, I’m running out of ideas or podcasting is overwhelming”.

We are going to make things simple for you and we will even talk to you about our podcasting journey and what platform we recommend.

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Is Being Vulnerable, Raw, and Real Destroying Your Influence as a Kingdom Entrepreneur?


We are part of a social era that teaches us to conform to this world, that being vulnerable, raw and real is the best way to build your business online, right? Are you being taught a method that is displeasing to your Father in heaven? Is this social media method destroying your Influence as a Leader? Where do you draw the line? You want to please God but you’re not sure what a Kingdom Entrepreneur should look like in this social media era of online “Influencers”. Tune in and find out!

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Christian, Broke, and Loving it.


Christians seem to think they are being virtuous if they hate money and stay broke. This is corrupt thinking, ungodly, and unscriptural… and we explain why. Discerning the “Spirit of Poverty” in your life is essential to breaking free from religious bondage and reaching your full entrepreneurial potential for the Kingdom of God. You will also learn why you need money to make an impact in God’s Kingdom here on earth.

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Six Stepping Stones to Kingdom Significance

In this episode we’re going to tackle the “6 Stepping Stones” that Christian Entrepreneurs who start with nothing have to go through in order to build a life that truly matters- A Life of Kingdom Significance! This will definitely give you a breakthrough and help you understand which stepping stone you are on, and give you the direction you need to reach God’s Ultimate Goal for your life.

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How to Have Faith Like a Child


In this Faith episode, learn what the most impactful faith teachers all have in common. You’ll also learn in what way man has hindered our child like faith. What are the characteristics of childlike faith? Learn what Jesus meant by “Of such is the Kingdom of God”. Discover the four ways we get good things from the Father. In order to have childlike faith, many of us need to “unlearn” what we have learned, about faith, and about God – our Father. So Let’s Dig Deeper….shall we?

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