Speak 7 Key Declarations Over Your Life (Biblical Christian Affirmations)


We all know there is power in the tongue, so how do we declare God’s promises over our lives? In this episode, we give you “7 Key Declarations” to speak over your life, based on biblical promises in God’s word. Speak these promises daily and enjoy the fruit in your life! (Free Resource Included)

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The Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart (Father’s Day)


What are the 4 pillars of a man’s heart that make him or break him? This Father’s Day we dig deep and discuss how you can become a great role model by applying these 4 pillars the right way.

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Leaders Building Greater Leaders

great leaders-mentoring

We often here the quote ” True Leaders Don’t Create Followers, They Create More Leaders”. This is a very watered down quote. True leadership is so much more and I’m going to give you a mental picture of what that looks like. You’re going to see the results of a great leaders at work and the true power of mentorship. So tune in!

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How a Scarcity Mindset Affects You and Your Team

scarcity mindset

A scarcity mindset will break the team spirit your are trying to build. A scarcity mindset stops us from building a thriving business because it let’s fear creep in and all kinds of success hindering thoughts. How do we develop an abundance mindset that is so contagious everyone around you can feel it? Find out..

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Understanding the Proverbs 31 Mompreneur


We are told as Christian Women to be like the Proverbs 31 Woman. What do we know about her? She was a woman of faith, that we know. Was she a Mompreneur? Can we learn from her way of life, her daily habits and her smarts? Do they apply to today’s modern way of life? Let’s Dig in the Bible and find out.

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