How to Write a Non-Fiction Christian Book- Masterclass

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Begin Your God-Given Writing Assignment Today!

Has God Called YOU to Write a Christian Book? Has He Entrusted YOU with a Sacred and Timely Message for Others and/or the Body of Christ? Do YOU Struggle About How to get started? How to craft it? Or how to release it? Did you begin writing, and then stop because you felt stuck or uninspired?

Hi there, 

Sebastien Richard here.

In these challenging times, God has ignited many Kingdom citizens with a powerful message. He is asking many, in this very hour, to put pen to paper, er, um, I mean, fingers to keyboard to write a Christian book to impact the body of Christ, and even to change the culture. There is an undeniable Scribe anointing being spread over many in this crucial hour. 

Unfortunately, however, most of these powerful books are never birthed.

"Why?", you ask. 

Well, for some, they just don’t see it as a priority -- that’s on them. But for most (and probably for you, since you’re on this page), the hesitancy stems from a sense of overwhelm, and maybe even fear. I get it -- I really do. I used to be there. When people ask me how long it took me to write my first book, I always tell them, “About eight months. But it took me twenty years to believe I could.” 

That’s the truth.

Yes, writing a book is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And it certainly shouldn’t be scary. In fact, I believe it should be pleasant.

With God’s help and mine, you’ll not only believe you can, but you’ll know you should write that book, and you will get it done with accelerated results!

I can’t wait to help you, and I hope to see you on the inside.


Sebastien Richard

“This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you.” ~Jeremiah 30:2, NIV


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