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Do You Believe that Wanting More Money Makes You Ungodly?

We get it. We used to believe that. We don't anymore. Here's why... 

Elisabeth and Sebastien Richard

''Christians often maximise their efforts to be more frugal instead of putting their efforts into being more fruitful!''

Poverty Is No Virtue


So, here’s why we don’t believe that wanting more money makes a Christian ungodly.


If we were to ask a group of believers today the simple question: Does God want you to be rich? Most of them would say: NO!


Maybe that’s you or someone you know.


Why is that? Why do most Christians think that God prefers them broke?


It is simply because most believers hold to negative beliefs when it comes to money. 


How do we know? Simple… we used to hold to the same negative beliefs ourselves. 


We don’t anymore. 


In this video, we are going to debunk some of those negative beliefs that Christians have about money. 


And here they are...


Negative Beliefs about Money...

1. Money is the root of all evil.

This is actually a misquote from 1 Timothy 6:10. It is the LOVE of money which is the root of all evil. 


Now, let me ask you… If you believe negative things about money and wealth, can you ever be wealthy? 


No. Why?


Because when you believe a thing is evil, you will do all you can to avoid it. So, consciously or not, if you believe money is evil… you will try to avoid it. That’s why so many Christians are broke. They equate, consciously or not, that being poor is being good or virtuous. And conversely, they believe that being rich would corrupt their souls.


2. It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle (Matthew 19:24)

I have actually addressed this passage fully in a podcast titled: The love of money and the pride of poverty. But, suffice it to say: the heart of the matter is this: Whichever you become acquainted with first, is usually what becomes your master first.

If you love money before you know God, money will be a problem for you. If you love God before you know money, the money will be an advantage for you.

3. Jesus was poor.

 For most believers, Jesus is our model. And, if we believe he lived in abject poverty - we will hold to the belief that there is a virtue in poverty. This belief will cause anyone who acquires money to feel uneasy with it and wants to get rid of it. 


And yet, those who believe the Lord was poor forget that Jesus was THE carpenter in Nazareth. He was given gold by the Magi. He had a treasury during his ministry. The roman soldiers cast lots to obtain his tunic (would they do that for a rag?), etc. So, while Jesus wasn’t necessarily rich, he wasn’t as poor as religiously advertised either. 


You see, these three negative religious beliefs about money will almost inevitably keep you broke and with more month at the end of your money. And guess who delights in you being broke? Yes… the devil.


But while Satan wants believers to stay poor, guess who delights in Christians being prosperous?


The Bible tells us in Psalm 35:27 that “God delights in the prosperity of His servant.”


Why is that? Because...

“God can do a lot more with a wealthy godly man than with a godly man alone.”


Deutoronomy 8:18 says:


“Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers.”


God doesn’t just give us the power to get by… He gives us the power to get wealth! Why? To establish His covenant! For the New Testament believer, this means to expand His Kingdom on the earth!

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For this to happen, we need to believe it is okay to make more money.


You see, making more money is part of being a good steward. And, like it or not, money helps in expanding the Kingdom of God. Money builds churches, schools, orphanages, sends missionaries, feeds families, etc.


Our religious thinking and image of a good steward used to be: “How can we spend less?” Instead of: “How can we make more money, multiply it, bless others and expand the Kingdom?” 


We used to believe good stewardship was done mostly through being frugal.


We won’t get into the details here, but this way of thinking even got us to move 12 hours away from our native province and families to find a cheaper mortgage.


As believers, we are too often like the wicked servant in the parable of the talents. He ran and hid his only talent in the earth. Just like him, we want to find ways to save a penny instead of finding ways to make a penny. We ought to make more of ourselves and our money. 

Christians often maximize their efforts to be more frugal instead of putting their efforts into being more fruitful!


It’s sad to say but Most Christians are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good!!! 


This is not God’s will.


God wants you to grow and expand. He wants you to prosper as your soul prospers (3 John 2).


He wants you to be a good man or woman who leaves an inheritance to his grandkids (Proverbs 13:22)!


He wants you to be the head and not the tail (Deuteronomy 28:13)!


He delights in your prosperity (Psalm 35:27)!

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Here’s the problem: Most believers don’t believe this. So, they remain broke.


Remember: For things to change, you’ve got to change.

For you to change, you have to think thoughts you’ve never thought, do things you’ve never done, and ally yourself with people you’ve never met.

That’s where we come in. We help today’s believers by helping them to grow in all spheres of their lives… including their finances and business.


Now, how wealthy does God want you to be? Does He want you to be a multi-millionaire? Not necessarily. But God definitely wants you to have more than enough.


2 Corinthians 9:8 in the New Living Bible reads like this:


“God can give you all you need. He will give you more than enough. You will have everything you need for yourselves. And you will have enough left over to give when there is a need.”


More than enough means God delights in the following:


  • You having no financial debt.
  • You having more than enough money to fulfill every Kingdom assignment He has for you.
  • You having more than enough left over to help others fulfill their Kingdom assignment.


Now, if what we said here today resonates with you, we have a proposition for you. 

Most financial experts today agree that in order to create wealth in today’s economy, you need at least 5 streams of income. 


The reality, however, is that most people have 2 or 3 max. 




✔ If you want to get acquainted with an extra stream of income.


✔ If you desire to leave an inheritance to your children’s children.


✔ If you desire to bear more than just spiritual fruit.


✔ If you want to stop commuting and work from home.


✔ If you want to help more people.


✔ If you desire better things for yourself and your family.


✔ If you want more time freedom to spend on things that matter.


We believe God wants you to bear fruit for His glory, for your well-being, for your prosperity, for your family, for your legacy, for your testimony, and for His kingdom to expand further.


Remember, God is looking… for a few good men (and women)! The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few! 


We are looking for believers who care about changing their situation. We are looking for people who don’t want to just get by anymore. We are looking for people who want things to change!

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