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Are You Leading Your Life?


I was blessed in 2016. But it’s not what you might think. I didn’t double my income, win the lotto, or get an invitation to speak with Tony Robbins. But I was blessed because at the beginning of the year, I made a decision that I would follow my bliss, pursue my dreams with all that I had (which, looking back, was more than I thought I did). The results were pretty exhilarating: A John Maxwell Team Certification, a Kindle book (Thriving On Purpose), a book deal with a New York Publisher for my second book (Lead Like A Superhero – What Pop Culture Icons Can Teach Us About Impactful Leadership), and a speaking and coaching business which began to take off. Let’s not forget I have a family with three young children! 😉


In spite of all my breakthroughs and successes, there was one thing that upset me throughout the year. I noticed all around me that people didn’t share my enthusiasm when it came to following their passion and pursuing their dream. I was disappointed that folks around me were pretty much the way I used to be: Accepting their lives instead of leading their lives.


You see, when we taste the sweetness of following our bliss, we want everybody around us to get a taste of following their bliss. When we get results in our lives after taking massive action towards our goals, we want the same for the people around us. When we get a taste of success, we realize that everybody can too – if they are passionate and willing to pay the price. Once we ‘break out of Shaw shank’, as one author put it, we want everybody to break the chains that hold them back and have freedom.


The reason why I’m so passionate about the subject of pursuing your dreams and finding your purpose is because I know how much good it did me. It literally changed my life. And I believe everybody should work towards their dreams as if their lives depended on it. Why? Because it does. Some people die at 25… and are only buried at 75 – because they failed to pursue their bliss. Don’t let time go by without making a decision to go all out for yourself. Bet on you. Because if YOU don’t bet on you, who else will?


Be blessed and may you have the will to go all the way!


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About the author, Sebastien Richard

Sebastien Richard is Christian speaker, author, blogger, copywriter, and leadership expert who resides in Prince Edward Island Canada with his wife (Elisabeth) and three children. When he's not busy reading, writing, or podcasting life-changing content, he enjoys all things comics, family time, and researching cryptozoology.

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