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Field of Dreams… Revisited (Kevin Costner Movie)

  Do you have a Vision? A Dream? If you build it, he will come. Regardless if you think the Mandela effect messed with this quote from the 1989...
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The 6 Toughest Sayings of Jesus

  The Jesus you never knew   To most of us, it’s hard to associate ‘Jesus’ and ‘Tough’ in the same sentence. Of course he was a Carpenter...
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I’m So Excited to Be Here!

  I hope you’re all doing great today. As for me, I’m sooo excited to be here! I couldn’t be more excited! This is sooo exciting!  Ahem, okay,...
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John C. Maxwell Servant Leadership

This is what stood out for me during those three days of leadership training. This is what made the deepest impression on my heart and mind. It’s not the teachings, the preaching, the phenomenal ambiance, the size of the hotel, the friendships, or the food that I remember most. No.

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God Will Provide

  Has God asked you to do something that you are not sure about?   As believers, and as entrepreneurs, we are often guided by the Lord to...
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Characteristics of a Leader

What are the Characteristics of a Leader?   When you search for the characteristics of good leaders online, you will find the number of...
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The 5 Do It’s That Create Success

  So what are the 5 Do It’s?   Just DO IT: We are all familiar with the Nike tagline: Just do it. The beginning of anything great...
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The Jesus Effect

  We’ve all heard of the butterfly effect. You know, that “metaphorical example of the details of a hurricane (exact time of formation, exact...
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God’s BootCamp

Do you feel as though God’s making you go through a BootCamp? Sometimes, God will take us through unforeseen detours on the road to finding...
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Sensory Overload

  Is Social Media Driving you Crazy? I hear it constantly from all the so-called “Thought Leaders” out there: You have to network, you have to grow...
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